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3.2 trillion miles driven on U.S. roads in 2016

April 21, 2017
U.S. driving topped 3.2 trillion miles in 2016, the fifth straight year of increased miles driven throughout the nation, the Federal Highway Administration estimated recently.
"For a sense of scale, 3.2 trillion miles is roughly the same distance as 337 round trips from Earth to Pluto," the administration stated.
The data, published in the administration’s Traffic Volume Trends report, a monthly estimate of U.S. road travel, show that more than 263.6 billion miles were driven in December 2016 alone, a .5 percent increase over the previous December. 
At 33.9 billion vehicle miles travelled, California accounted for more miles driven in December 2016 than the combined 33.8 billion miles of 22 states — Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming — and Washington, D.C.
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