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30-day drive-away permits coming July 16

November 15, 2010

Out-of-state residents who buy a vehicle in Illinois can be issued a drive-away permit valid for 30 days, beginning July 16, an increase over the current permit that expires after seven days.

The extended 30-day permit must be issued only to non-Illinoisans; in-state residents still should be issued a seven-day permit. Both permits cost $10.

The extended permit expiration date will be calculated automatically for issuing agents after the purchaser’s out-of-state address is entered in the address field.

Issuing agents must attach one of three documents to the application for an extended permit:

• Out-of-state driver’s license or ID card
• Vehicle registration application
• Bill of sale with an out-of-state delivery address

Agents who issue an extended permit outside those parameters will forfeit their right to sell permits, said Ernie Dannenberger, director of the Illinois secretary of state’s vehicle services department.

Once a drive-away permit is issued, no other permit may be issued on that vehicle’s VIN until the vehicle is issued a new Illinois title. A renewal cannot be completed on an Illinois license plate with a VIN linked to a 30-day drive-away permit.

For more information on the matter, call the secretary of state’s office at (866) 825-7926.



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