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3-year 20 Group next stop after CATA’s 1st fixed ops Bootcamp

November 18, 2010

Fifteen area service managers on Sept. 22 completed the CATA’s first four-day Service Management Bootcamp. The next Bootcamp training program, for a group of up to 20 service directors and managers, is Nov. 7-10.


The service managers now advance to a Service Manager 20 Group that will meet three times annually over the next three years, beginning Nov. 14-15.


The new instruction for fixed ops personnel follows months of planning by the CATA board of directors, intent on helping service directors and managers to set and exceed objectives, and increase market share, gross profits, efficiency, increased self-satisfaction and resultant employee retention.


To entice all CATA member dealers to enroll their service managers in the training, the CATA is significantly underwriting the tuition. Enrollment in similar continuing education programs through other dealer associations typically costs $2,800 for the Bootcamp, plus $250 a month over the three-year 20 Group. Special CATA prices are $1,000 for the Bootcamp and $160 a month for 20 Group tuition.


In addition, for service directors and managers who complete the 20 Groups, the CATA will rebate to their dealers 50 percent of the first year’s tuition, 75 percent of the second year’s tuition, and 100 percent of the final year’s tuition.


Woodfield Chevrolet Service Manager Jim Domino said he is cautious about training that takes him away from his store, especially for four days. But he said theBootcamp equipped him with many strategies, "things that are applicable, not just theory."


Domino said he and his fellow service managers also exchanged a lot of success—and horror—stories.


For more information on the training, and to register, call Jim Butcher at the CATA at 630-424-6020.