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21 million autonomous cars by 2035

July 15, 2016
The United States will be an early leader in deploying autonomous vehicle technology, an effort that eventually will help put nearly 21 million self-driving cars on the world’s roads by 2035, IHS Automotive predicted in a recent report.
The forecast, which is much higher than previous estimates, is influenced by recent research and development by major automakers, suppliers, and tech companies as well as regulatory changes and a wave of investments, said IHS.
The research firm even points to the 2020 Olympics in Japan as a driving factor toward wide deployment of autonomous vehicles, saying that while the U.S. leads the world in initial deployment, Tokyo will be responsible for ramping up industry coordination and investment ahead of the games. 
Deployment in the U.S., according to the IHS forecast, will begin with several thousand vehicles in 2020, and the number will grow to 4.5 million vehicles by 2035.
In the past six months, a number of automakers announced investments and strategic partnerships with ride-sharing companies such as Lyft, Uber, and China rival Chuxing.
"Global sales of autonomous vehicles will reach nearly 600,000 units by 2025," said IHS research director Egil Juliussen.