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2020: New year, new minimum wage

December 27, 2019
A reminder, the statewide minimum wage increases Jan. 1 to $9.25 an hour, up $1 from the current minimum. It increases again in six months, on July 1, to $10 an hour.
But don’t get used to that figure. Illinois’s minimum wage will increase by $1 an hour on each of the subsequent five New Year’s Days, reaching $15 in 2025.
Workers in some municipalities already are paid above the minimum wage. Employers in Chicago currently are subject to a minimum wage of $13 an hour. In suburban Cook, the minimum is $12 an hour.
Illinois employers are advised to review their pay plans to make sure that they meet minimum wage obligations. An updated Illinois minimum wage poster, as well as other labor law posters that employers are required to display, can be downloaded from the CATA website.