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2012's Top 10 OSHA citations for dealerships, service centers

December 7, 2012
 In a nod to David Letterman, KPA offered its annual Top 10 Occupational Safety and Health Administration citations for dealerships and service centers. The list is the most straightforward information about OSHA citations available for businesses in automotive retail and repair. 
KPA, which provides environment and safety management, developed the Top 10 list by combining OSHA’s annual Most Frequently Cited Regulations for Dealerships and OSHA’s annual Most Frequently Cited Regulations for Repair Shops. 
KPA pinpointed specific machinery and processes at facilities that were frequently cited. 
The List: 
1. Hazard communication 
2. Respiratory protection 
3. Unguarded machinery (parts grinder) 
4. Electrical safety requirements 
5. Powered industrial trucks 
6. Exit routes and emergency action plans 
7. Portable fire extinguishers 
8. Spray finishing using flammable liquids (especially at collision centers) 
9. General duty clause 
10. Improperly maintained emergency eyewash stations